What would your business look like if you did not need to carry inventory to sell to your customers?  There would be no dealing with more vendors than you can count, no intaking items, no barcoding, no quality checks, no pictures, no shipping, and NO LEFT OVER ITEMS! 

These are all problems that are avoided or minimized by making dropshipping work for you!  The basics of dropshipping is that you sell items that you do not need to physically carry to your customers at full retail prices then you pay  Boutique Tree a vastly reduced wholesale amount that typically runs about 40-50% of retail prices.  Boutique Tree then ships the items directly to your customer for you leaving you with nothing but extra time and more money in your pocket!

Dropshipping is about simplifying your business and allowing you to focus on the parts of your boutique that you enjoy with little to no staff.  I would venture to say most boutique owners did not dream of a basement or room full of unsold items, hour upon hour of intaking and shipping, and vendors… oh vendors.  Dealing with the headache of working with multiple vendors to curate outfits can be difficult to say the least. The glamour wears off after your first order comes with missing sizes, 4 months after you placed an order that was supposed to be immediate ship, and you forgot about it because it was one of the many orders from Market or that your 1 year old accidentally submitted online without your knowledge.  We have been there which is why we know dropshipping should be a cornerstone of every boutique business.

Dropshipping is about mitigating the workload and risk associated with running your boutique.  It lets us at Boutique Tree do the heavy lifting for you so you can have fun selling to your customers without the fear of selling half of the items you ordered and being left with a pile of inventory in sizes your customers don’t want.  Our goal is to help you put more money in your pocket and extra time back in your day.

Let us be the strong stable roots to your business so you can grow and flourish the Boutique Tree Way!