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Boutique Tree is primed for growth through our significant investment into a Public Shopify App. Our app will increase exposure to our services while streamlining and simplifying the process to connect to our premium service!

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We are here to help boutique owners succeed. From curates product collections, fast US based fulfillment, order management functionality, professional marketing materials, and a team devoted to simlifying and supporting small businesses Boutique Tree should be a cornerstone for boutique owners

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You have the opportunity to be a part of our growth.  We have built the tools and offer a service woth promoting.  Now it is your turn to help others by spreading the word!  

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Boutique Tree was built to serve the  

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To achieve the best results, consistency and good and sustainable product story telling are required. who are unquestionably knowledgeable about your product


Register as a Partner and tell fellow boutique owners about the benefits of Boutique Tree

Lenses description

Lenses description

Blue light lenses

Designed to reduce blue light exposure from natural and digital sources while reducing eye fatigue. Available in prescription and non-prescription glasses.

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At Glasia, our ophthalmologists and managers provide expert advice for all your eye health and vision needs. Learn about the latest eye exam techniques, how to personalize your lenses, the latest eyewear trends, and the full range of services.

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What other Partners have to say

Rio Hunter


Great price, great quality, and great customer service. I have two pairs, and because of my recommendation, my girlfriend also has a pair, and all of my glasses-wearing siblings have a pair. Keep up the great work, Glasia team!

Daniyal Bell


I’ve worn glasses my whole life, and they're now a very important accessory to me. So, being able to buy good quality and affordable glasses to switch up my look is SO important to me. Can't believe I waited this long to try them. So happy!

Hannah Rhodes


My glasses arrived very quickly and are of great quality. The price was very affordable, even for me (and I have a very severe prescription). I love that you can just upload a picture of your prescription and they will help you with the rest. Awesome!

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