We offer plan options to fit your individual boutique needs.  Our packages are as follows:


Full Product Package - $300/month (Highly Recommended)

Our full product package gives you access to 2 weekly product launches which are designed to provide you a complete style to offer to your customers.  With this package, you can order a sample piece per style each launch a week ahead of time.  This allows you to be able to take pictures, make fit videos, plan live shows, etc. with the products ahead of time.  You will have all the Launch items synced to your inventory on the launch day and get first access to all of the new pieces with the full size runs that they are available in.


App/Web Filler Package - $150/month

This package is designed for boutique owners that are looking for a website or app filler to supplement your inventory.  With this package, you are not able to order any sample pieces ahead of time for the launch.  The launch pieces will be synced to your inventory 3 days after the launch and will include the items that have not sold out yet in the Launch.  We cannot guarantee that every style will have every size available as certain pieces may sell out to those with the Full Product Package, but there will be a wide range of items coming into your boutique for you to offer to your customers on a regular basis.