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Now offering Gold and Platinum Memberships!

Our membership options are designed to fit your needs no matter where you are in your boutique journey. 

For those that want multiple launch days with the most robust product offerings the Platinum Membership is the perfect fit!

New or lower volume boutiques may find the no monthly fee Gold Membership to fit their needs best.

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Revolutionize your boutique with reliable drop shipping!

We specialize in curating cohesive product collections from boutique brands your customers know and love.  When you make a sale, we ship directly to your customer for you!

Order Management Dashboard 

Combine Orders to save $$ on Shipping
Auto Pay for the ultimate automation
Edit Orders for full control
Fulfill from Samples instead of purchasing another

Automation for ALL!

We strive to make your life easier no matter the membership level.  With 2-Way Data Sync Boutique Tree products are automatically synced to your store.  When you make a sale for a Boutique Tree product the fulfillment information is passed back to us for fulfillment.  For the ultimate automation utilize Auto Pay

Professional Lifestyle Model Photographs

Our Models cover a wide range of sizes and body proportions so you can easily market Boutique Tree products to your customers.

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BenefitsGold MembershipPlatinum Membership
Products Per Week10Up to 36
Order Management Dashboard
Combine Orders to Save on Shipping
Auto Pay Order Automation
2-Way Data Sync
Return Label Service
Shipping Time from Payment2-4 Business Days1-2 Business Days
Professional Model Photographs
Samples Available Prior to Launch
Excellent Customer Service
Wednesday Launch
Tuesday Clothing LaunchAvailable
Tuesday Shoe LaunchAvailable
Thursday Clothing LaunchAvailable
Web/App FillerAvailable
Personalized Onboarding
Eligible for Sample Kits
Monthly Membership FeeNone$

Platinum Membership

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  • Monthly Membership Fee is based on how many launches you select
  • Launch Options:  Tuesday Clothing, Tuesday Shoes, Thursday Clothing
  • Up to 36 styles per week which is more than 144 styles per month! 
  • 1 Launch per week is $150/month
  • 2 Launches per week is $300/month
  • 3 Launches per week is $375/month
  • Additional Wednesday launch automatically included at no extra cost!
  • Personal onboarding call with a specialized team member to ensure you hit the ground running
  • Opt-in to Sample Kits to have the monthly fee credited back to you making Platinum Membership no monthly fee!

Platinum Membership

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Joining Boutique Tree is simple:

1. Decide which membership is right for you.
2. Click the "Join Today" button to register
3. For Platinum Membership schedule an intro call; For Gold Membership wait for set-up instructions.
4. Start Selling Boutique Tree Products!

Our memberships are designed to meet the needs of every boutique!

We are on a quest
to build a better boutique world!